Just a cute pic of Zoey. She is such a sweet dog. Where ever Addi is Zo is always in the background !

So this is how we found Addi this morning!! Did make my heart jump a tiny bit!! Justin had to work last night and that means that he gets home about 7:30. Addi was awake, I could hear her playing in her bed but sometimes I let her lay in there until she gets mad...its so sweet to listen to her "talk" to herself. Justin went in to get her and over the monitor I heard him calling my name. This is what we found....so needless to say she had to have her dad lower her bed this morning.
I have a feeling my life is going to get more difficult. Addi is moving everywhere. She can crawl of few "steps" or whatever they are called but mostly just army crawls EVERYWHERE and she gets into everything. Yesterday she had her little hand in Zoeys food bowl Gross!!!

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