Guymon America

This past weekend we (Justin Addi my sister Amy and I) went to good ol' Guymon to see my mom. She is moving here and wants to be here by the end of September. So there is ALOT to do before she can get here. She still lives in the house that we moved into when I was in first grade. The house is not very big...it is smaller than the one Justin lived in when we were in Amarillo if you remember that. My dad died 6 years ago and there is alot of his things there and then she still has things from when we were small. I can not imagine how hard it is for my mom to go through all of my dads things especially by herself. They were married almost 30 years. So I think she needs some help with this. I am so excited about having my mom here it will be nice and I want my kids to be close to their grandparents. I am also very sad. This was my "home" for a long time where we grew up and I just am sad hard to explain I guess. Anyways...exicted to have my mom here.
On Friday we got all the things out for the garage sale. She has so much stuff that it was not a garage sale but a backyard sale. We had everything out and then all of the sudden it got cloudy and then dirt started blowing everywhere then came the rain it pured. We had to take everything back inside so no sale on Friday but Saturday we did good. She made WAY more than I have ever made and she was excited. Then the man that is going to buy her house came by and what he offered my mom was more than she thought! So maybe it is turning around for her!
On Sunday we did not do alot just hung out and played with Addison. My uncle who is my dads younger brother was driving through so we got to see him and he met Addison. It was nice to see him.
Addison is trying so hard to crawl. So cute she can move her legs and then falls over. I know one day really soon she is just going to be across the room. So much for setting her in the floor to play and knowing she still be there in 10 minutes haha. Oh and have I told you that I have such a great husband? He helped with the loading and unloading of everything and weedeated (that looks funny spelling??) my moms yard for her. With no complaints. He has not had a dip in 18 days!!! I will post some pics later when I get home. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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