One Blah Day

It has been one blah day today. Justin is at work and I just feel blah. I wanted it to be a good day with just me and Addi but it has just not worked out that way. I think of doing something then I think about it again and do nothing! I am not in the mood for shopping, it is tax free weekend so everywhere is crazy. I am bored but still get bummed out on Sundays because I have to go back to work tomorrow haha. Well that's that.

So anyways....Addi is now 7 months old...closer to a one year old than a new born and that makes me sad. Here is what she is up to these days

...she can sit up for as long as she wants she still has not figured out how to sit up on her own when she is laying down
...she can scoot herself across the floor pulls with her arms and pushes with her legs
...she gets into the crawling position with knees in the right place and then she will fall over
...she is getting more hair enough that when she wakes up it is messy in the back or on the sides but good thing for her she looks so cute with bedhead
...she says bababa all the time maybe da da is next??
...tonight is last jar or green beans and then it is fruits...I'm thinking bananas

Justin has not dipped in 10 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said the longest he has ever "quit" before is 5 days. So proud of him. He chews gum like crazy and always has sunflower seeds within reach

Well guess it is back to my boring day maybe next I'll write about what I am happy and thankful about but not today I am going to continue in the same blah mood

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