What a Mess!!

SO the flooring project has turned out to be a big ol mess! Justin and I did not get all the tile up last night since we started around 8 and then had a break to go get ice cream at braums....I told Justin that I would love to have at least the living room done when I came home for lunch haha. Justin and Josh got all the rest of the tile up this morning and had to go to Norman to rent a sander to get the rest of the tile up ( the stuff that sticks the tile to the concrete...) but after that they will be ready to install. All of the flooring is in the garage and I am very excited. It is called antique oak and it has wide planks. I think it will be so nice when we or Justin finishes. He had to move the frig, stove and dishwasher out and we have a fine white powder all in the air. Janie took Addi to her house this morning so that they would not have to listen to it and hopefully Addi could get some sleep. I will put up pics of my big mess later! It really makes me nervous when my house is all torn apart I would not do good if this was like this all the time crazy!!

Addison slept from 11-7 last night, it was so very nice to wake up to my alarm clock this morning! Five years ago I would have never ever thought I would feel refreshed after 7 hours of sleep. Remember how much we could sleep Gina? Haha!


ladymann said...

I bet it will look SO good when you are done. FYI: DON'T leave the air conditioner running when he is working. It will suck up the powder and then it will venture into your entire house. Same with the vacuum. Get it up with a shop vac instead.
(we made these mistakes when we took down the panneling in Wichita Falls)
I can't WAIT to see Addi, oops, I mean all of you in just a few weeks!!!!

gjones said...

I know! Me too my friend!:) I can't wait to see it sounds like it is going to be just beautiful!!!