This past weekend we went to Amarillo to visit Justin's family. I got off at noon on Thursday so we got an early start. It was nice to see everyone. On Friday night Justin had some of his friends from high school and their families over for a cook out. Everyone has kids now! It was beautiful when we got there on Thursday but the rest of the weekend it rained and it was cold! It was nice to see everyone and let them see how big Addi is getting. We came home late Saturday night so we could have a day at home before back to work. I'll put some pics up later (does anyone else think its a pain to get the camera hooked up??).

Addi is 4 months now! I can not believe how big she has gotten and it is true that time flies. Tomorrow she goes for her checkup for more shots. I am excited to see how big she is and she will also start eating! I tried the cereal a couple of times but have not done it since so hopefully it will fill her up and she will SLEEP!!!

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