Some Sad News

On Friday, Addi had her first bottle of formula. I did not think I would be sad but I really was. I was thankful that she did fine, no tummy ache acted like it was just a breast milk bottle. I just have not been getting as much milk as I was and it was really starting to stress me out. I am still going to breast feed but I will give her a bottle probably one time a day for now. Was anyone else sad when they had to do formula???
It was good to see you Gina! Thanks for stopping by to meet Addi!

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The Johnsons said...

No way, not for one minute! I hated nursing, so I'm not the person to ask. She's getting so big, so she'll be eating real food, then walking, then you'll blink and she'll be starting kindergarten! (She has to meet her Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Randon sometime before all these events, though!)