Mothers Day Weekend

Congratulations Amy!! My older sister graduated from nursing school on Friday. She has been going to school in the evenings and on her days off for awhile now so I know it is a relief to be done. My mom got to come for her graduation and my aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy also got to come it was nice to see everyone and we are all proud of Amy!!

On Sunday we did not do alot we went to Amys house for breakfast and to see my mom before she had to leave. I wish she could have stayed longer. When we came home we all took a very long nap. Addison was exhausted from all the company and also because she did not feel good all weekend from her shots. It is so exhausting when they just cry and cry and cry:( For Mothers Day Justin got us tickets to see The Lion King. I am very excited they do the play all over the world so we go on Sunday cant wait and I will let you know how it goes! Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!! I tried to take some pics of all three of us...not the best Addi looks like she is scared to be part of our family but they made me laugh!

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