I have some posts I want to put up but for some reason I can't upload any pictures with blogger not sure what that is all about?????

Anyways we have been busy...had a birthday addi and I had a 24 hour stomach bug we redid addis room did our backsplash and a bunch of other stuff.

Kitchen is looking good so far I am happy with it granite was installed Justin and I did the backsplash we are painting the cabinets this weekend and the new lighting goes in Friday!  I can add grouting to my resume now. I not a real patient person so it is not something I love to do but we got it done.

Addi room turned out so cute it looks so BIG!  She went in for her 4 year check and she is in 95 percentile for height guess she is tall. Like her momma obviously.

Hopeful I can figure out how to upload some pictures posts without pictures are boring!

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