A-Z all about me

A.  age 33
B.  bed size king and I dont think I could sleep every night in a smaller one
C.  chore you hate cooking Jr loves it and I dont mind cleaning up
D.  Dogs 2 pugs Sherman and Zoey
E.  Essential start to your day diet dp
F.  Favorite color blue
G.  gold or silver silver but I am liking gold more
H.  height 5'1 AND and half
I.  Instruments you play played the flute in school I can still play b flat scale I SUCKED
J.  job title dental hygienist
K.  kids two addi and easton
L.  live Oklahoma
M.  married for 8 years
N.  nicknames Laurie, bug and mess
O.  overnight hospital stays whole week in high school for kidney infection, overnight for swallowing a pin in home ec not kidding when they tell you to keep them out of your mouth and to have two kids
P.  pet peeve  not going to tell em all to you cause then you would think I was a crazy bitch...but currently it is people who think they are way busier than the rest of us.  Everybody is busy but if you really want to do something you can find the time
Q.  Quote blah nothing good comes to mind
R.  righty or lefty right but I shoot the basketball left handed
S.  siblings two sisters one older and one younger
T.  time you wake up 5:30 if I have to work around 6:45 if not I wish it was 9
U.  university attended PSU it was fabulous and graduated hygiene school from Amarillo College
V.  vegetables you dislike brussel sprouts I thought I liked them then I almost puked and remebered they are nasty
W.  what makes you run late not alot b/c being late is one of my pet peeves I HATE TO BE LATE it is rude and if I was the boss and the people pulling in late were hauling in their Mcdonalds bad and still had to put on some of their make up I would go bat shit crazy
X.  x-rays you've had well dental and remember I swallowed that pin so there is that one
Y.  yummy foods I really like chips and cheese
Z.  zoo animal favorite monkeys they are just like us except they dont care who is looking when they pick their nose

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