Happy 4th Birthday

I can now upload pic through blogger again so I have some back tracking to do.  I don't think blogging is as much fun with no pictures
Addi turned 4 this month! Her birthday was on a Saturday this year and the Friday before I called in sick to work because I was throwing up felt horrible and had a 24 hour stomach something lovely.  So on her actual birthday we did not do alot just hung out and went to the osteology museum.  Her party was on Sunday at the Y splash pad.  Sunday morning at about 4 I heard her screaming so I went to her room and she said mom I frew (threw) up all in my new bed.  She got a big girl bed and new bedding and this was the first night for her to sleep in there.  Lovely puke in the new bed.  So this continued all morning long.  We still had her party because if we cancelled and rescheduled it we would have had to pay another $100 and I think $250 for a birthday is already crazy.  BUT she didnt go she stayed home with my mom Justin Easton and I went to the party.  It was kinda weird but what do you do??? 
Addi said will you call me and tell me who is at my party that was pretty sad I felt horrible for her but she felt better the next day.  I can't remember what it was like to have no kids I cant believe this time next year I will be signing her up for school??!!!

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