Grandpa John

Justin's friend, John came over to the house today and this was addis first time to see him. 

John was my dads name. 

When he left addi asked if he was her grandpa John. Justin tried to explain to her that he wasn't here anymore. That he is with Jesus. 

I haven't told addi alot about my dad it's hard for me to wrap my head around what happened and where he is now so I have just told her a little bit about him. 

Sometimes out of the blue addi will ask about him or talk about him like he is here with us.   I like to think that he is here with us. I don't believe he watches  us all the time I like to think he has much more grander things to do. I do think he drops in and checks on us and is still apart of our lives.  Maybe children do have a connection with people that are no longer here maybe they don't. I choose to think they do. There is not a day goes by that my dad doesn't cross my mind and I don't want there to be one. 

When Justin said he lives with Jesus addi asked what kind of car does Jesus have?? 

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