Weight Watchers

Ok so I am starting weight watchers AGAIN.  I am not unhappy with the number I see on the scale I just am hating the squishy-ness I see when I look into the mirror.  So I am going to work out -I would say more but I haven't been doing it at all and start weight watchers again to see if I can start to feel better.

So here is a typical weight watchers day of food

morning - 1 pack of quaker apple and cinnamon oatmeal 3 points

lunch -turkey sandwich 3 pieces of turkey on sandwich thin bread and 1 serving of baked chips 7 points

snack- banana 0 points or 20 pretzel sticks 1 point

dinner- 1 serving of what we are having but it is a healthier version recipe like chilli with hardly any cheese fish and vegetables

you get extra points that you can use through out the week so you can usually have 1 meal of something you want but not go overboard

the thing I miss the most is CHEESE  and REAL CHIPS  I could eat real greasy chips all day long!!

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