when I check the mail and there is not anything good I just stick it back into the mailbox

I hate riding in a dirty car

I have been getting a little car sick while riding with Justin lately.  not sure if it is his driving cause I dont ride with other people but it doesn't happen when I drive.

I picked out the slabs of granite I want and went and bought a kitchen table while Justin was at work...I do not have time to wait for him to have a day off

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping

Even though Justin and I already got our Christmas gifts a couple of months ago I am still hoping he will surprise me ugg houseshoes

J told Addi to stop playing on her phone and she said she wasn't she was just checking the time

When I dont want to fold the laundry I just turn the dryer on again

To the man at gymnastics...when someone is reading a book they do not want to talk to you

It wasn't even me reading a book

I hate when photographers make brothers and sisters look like little couples

It annoys me when you ask someone how they are and they say oh well I dont know good I guess. If you don't want to tell me what's wrong just say I'm good.

Tomorrow is secret Santa at work!

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