Sunday night already the weekend went by fast.  Justin was off all weekend long so we took advantage and got some things done!  Saturday I hosted a baby shower for a friend went to Dicks sporting good store and worked on the house.  We are doing some updating/remodeling in the kitchen.

These two babies were glad there were some left over cupcakes!

I started my Christmas shopping this last week...Thanksgiving is this week ??????  C-R-A-Z-Y!  Excited to buy for a little girl AND a litte boy.  Bought elf on a shelf and I hope Addi likes it cause that little elf lady is CREEPY.  Yes we got the girl, Justin thought it should be the boy I thought since I was the one going to the store buying it and I will be the one hiding it I would be the one deciding its gender.  He already got to choose twice :) 

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