More Random Thoughts

1. I am so glad today is Thursday it is not going to be good if I ever have to work 5 days again! I am looking forward to the weekend it has been a VERY stressful week at work

2. We have been watching alot of basketball last night a player took out his mouth piece and Addi said Momma take off his teef (teeth) she is so funny every single day

3. Have you seen the commercial for the bite size hot pockets? It is so gross they talk and there mouth is a hole with meat stuffed in it umm gross

4. Do people really think when they tell their hygienist they floss that we believe them??

5. Next week I have a dr appointment then I start going every 2 weeks it really has been going by fast this time

6. Addi has started asking to be rocked before she goes to bed usually about 5 minutes but it is really kinda nice :)

7. We had some very exciting news this week and will be excited to share

8. I am having a hard time sleeping it is so hard to get comfortable and I am always hot

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The Johnsons said...

Is your exciting news that you're moving to Austin?!? If not...I don't want to hear it. j/k