Time to catch up!

The day before Christmas Eve Justin surprised me with tickets to Cirque sola (that's not spelled right but I'm to lazy to look it up). This is the second time we have gotten to go and it was so GOOD! I was so excited that we got to go we went and ate before. It was nice to get to spend some time just the two of us. Justin is done with school now and it has been so nice having him at home. He is such a great help. The day before we went to Angel Fire Justin went to the gym took my mom to lunch cleaned the house and cooked all the food to take with us. He is way more productive than I am! We also celebrated our 6 year anniversary we did not get to do anything because Justin had to work but later this month my mom is keeping Addi and we are going to stay at a bed and breakfast! I am so thankful for Justin I love him so much!

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