Excitement and Disappointment

Yesterday Addi was sitting in my lap while I was cleaning in the spare bedroom and when she was getting down she fell and hit her mouth on the window sill. I saw it happening but could not help her. Throughout the day she would touch her lip and say hurrrts!

This morning when Justin came home from work he said he had a surprise. He had these pictures in his hand. I was so excited they are from when Addi was 1 week old. The photograoher had them hanging in her studio. The top one needs to be framed but the bottom one is a canvas and is ready to hang. He said that the lady that had done these called him a couple of weeks ago and wanted to give these to us!!!! I was so proud that her pictures were in her studio. Justin said that I had been meaning to call her because we need to do Addi's two year pictures and she said she decided not to do them anymore. I am SO disappointed. The pictures we bought from her are an investment but it is something I have Never Ever regreted

spending the money on. I loved all the pictures she took! But I am so happy to

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