The weekend before Christmas

Aren't Addi's house slippers cute?!! The weekend before Christmas we went to Red River with Justin's parents to go skiing. On our way to Amarillo, we stopped to see some of my family.

This is Carsyn she is so cute and she looks so tiny.

We saw my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Mary and my cousins Lisa and Leslie and their kids. It was so nice to see them and spend a little time with them. I wish we saw them more often.

We made it to Angel Fire and Addi did pretty good on the drive. It is a really long ride and I feel bad when Addi has to sit so long in her seat but she did great. I think Addi looks like Randy for A Christmas Story. We went sledding the first night we got there and it was so fun. Addi loved it.

We had fun skiing the snow was not very good (Justin said) so Justin could not do all the runs he wanted to do. I did better this time. I fell A LOT but I did a lot better than the first time. Then we headed back to Amarillo to do Christmas with Justin's family.

We had a good time but I was ready to be home. We were tired!!!

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