Thanksgiving 2010

This year we went to Amarillo for Thanksgiving. We did not get to leave until Thanksgiving morning because J did not get off until 7 Thursday morning. Addi started running a fever on Thursday night and had one all weekend long. I am not sure what was wrong with her J was going to take her to the doctor on Monday but she woke up and did not have fever. It did not stop her from running around and playing. Addi with Grammy and PaPaw I think they are fond of one another!

Addi and her Great Grandma
Addi and Jeanne

Addi and Dean I think this picture is so funny. Have a feeling this is what her Santa pic is going to look like this year!!

Today Addi and I had a busy day we got up and cleaned and then had a ton of errands we had to do. I ordered her Birthday outfit and it is going to be so cute. TWO YEARS OLD...how can that be???

It was above 70 here today Beautiful! So we made some time to head to the park. Then we went to see Grandma. She has been really busy with work so we went to say hello.

And....yesterday I got a new car!!! I am so excited about it. It seems so big compared to the little car I have I love it!!

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