Done and Done

First...Addi likes to have a purse and some keys. Yesterday she wanted to take a nap with her purse and Janie let her. When Janie went to get her up she had colored all over her bed. I guess she snuck some crayons into her purse when we weren't looking.

Addi in some Christmas pj's her Daddy bought her.

Today was Justin's last day of school!!!! He is DONE and I am so glad I can't imagine how excited he is. Also I am DONE with my Christmas shopping YEA I went and got the last thing today on my lunch break!

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gjones said...

Congrats Justin! Man I bet he is thrilled, very exciting!!! :) Sneaky Addi with the crayons! She looks adorable in the Christmas pj's and your tree is gorgeous! xo!!