Football. Birthday.Baby Shower. More Football

We had a very busy weekend. Sunday was Justin's Birthday. Happy Birthday Justin!!! This year just like every year I did not know what to get for his birthday. So I decided to get Justin a ticket to the OU Texas game he was so excited and he did not have a clue. Friday we took Addi to the high school football game here she had a good time she danced with the band and would get excited when everyone was cheering. I think she liked it. So Saturday Justin got up really really early and him and Brian went to the game. He had a good time and tried the fried beer and fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...surprising but he did NOT like the beer Ha!

On Sunday we went to a baby shower for my cousin and it was so good to see my family. I felt bad leaving Justin on his real birthday but Justin told me to think about it would I like to be home for a whole afternoon all by myself....UMMMMM YES I would so then I didn't feel bad just maybe jealous :). It was so good to see everyone and Lisa got some really cute things. I have several friends that are due around the same time.

AND Addi is now 21 months old can not believe it. My mom came over yesterday and was giving Addi a bath and Addi said go potty and got out and peed in her potty!!! She was very proud of herself...so was her momma!! The funniest thing Addi says is "that's nasty" except it sounds like that's nassy.

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