Happy Fall

I am so glad that fall is here! It even felt like it this morning and can't wait for Addi to wake up so we can go outside. Addi looked so cute this morning for church with her little boots and skirt on. Justin thinks she looks like a big girl with her ponytail. It is some work getting a ponytail in and you have to fix it a hundred times a day.
I have hated my bedroom for a long time. I have never had it decorated the way I want. It had random stuff in it and Justin and I could never decide on what we liked. Last weekend Justin said...next weekend why don't you go and get the bedroom stuff you like just get everything so it will be done. Ummm ok!!!!!! I got a new comforter, curtains, nightstand, sheets, lamp and wall stuff. Justin actually got his 4 days off this tour so he was so sweet and cleaned the whole house Thursday while I was at work..(coming home to a clean house is WONDERFUL)!!!!!! So Friday we got up early and went shopping. I am so happy with the way it turned out.

The only sad thing is with the new comforter no more dogs in the bed. The first night they pretty much cried the whole night and then last night they did not make a sound in their little beds. Justin put a treat in each one of their beds for them last night...Justin swears they are my dogs but he really loves them too.

I even had time to put out all my fall stuff. I love this time of year!

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