Happy Weekend!!! How is it Sunday night AGAIN. The weekends just fly by. Friday we took our little cowgirl to the fall carnival at our Y. She looked so cute!!! I didn't get to finish putting all of Addi's costume on because someone had a melt down. Anyways when we made it there we had a good time. She loved playing all the games but mostly she loved that she got to walk around and just act crazy. Can't wait for Halloween next weekend.
Today my mom and I took Addi to An Affair of the Heart craft show...I did not want to take Addi and the stroller but it was the only way that I was going to get to go and we were able to stay for 3 yes that is right 3 hours. Addi was so good. My moms two sisters and my dads sister and her husband were all there so we would take turns playing outside with Addi while someone would look. It is still not the same as going without kids but I guess sometimes you have to decide how bad you want to do something. It was good to see all of them too!
Justin was off on Saturday and it was a rainy lazy day it was so relaxing!!!! And the best part this is the LAST WEEK that Justin has clinicals!!! We are so glad it has been really hard. Addi and I are so ready to see more of him.
My friend Gina is having her baby tomorrow and we are thinking of you guys we can't wait to see her...all these babies!!

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The Johnsons said...

Laurie, she looks so stinkin' cute!!! I love her!!!!