Haunt the Zoo

Last night we went to Haunt the Zoo. They have all these little Halloween scenes set up and you just walk all around the zoo and go Trick or Treating. Well these are the pictures I got. Not one good one. Addi had fun she did not look at a single thing but was so excited she got to run around.

THIS MORNING...Justin leaves around 5:45-6:00 when he works at the station. He told me bye then I heard him in Addison's room. THEN I heard Addi saying "EWWW" then the washer start. So I got up to see what those two were up to and Addi had thrown up all over her bed all in her hair and just everywhere. GOOD Morning!! Poor girl she had to have 3 baths just to get it all out of her hair. Luckily the rest of the day she slept a lot did not eat a lot but seemed to be feeling fine. She sure looked cute.

Aunt JJ gave Addi a Halloween surprise today. All kinds of good stuff in there. But the Absolute favorite thing was....

The Lip gloss. She was so excited loved it and after she dug half of it out with her fingernail is done with it!

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