Blah blah blah

First I just want to say what a wonderful husband I have and I am so happy with him and we are so blessed to have the life that we have and so thankful for Addi. I know we are very fortunate.

Now that being said this past week I have just felt blah. Nothing is wrong and it has just been our regular life. Sometimes I just feel like I just do not have enough time to get everything done that needs to be done and spend time with those that I want to spend time with and still have some left over to do something I want to do. Justin is still working ALOT and is gone alot so I know that will be better soon. We will both be so glad (especially Justin I am sure)! Last night our air conditioner stopped working so it was hot and humid and so hard to sleep. Around midnight I had to get up because all that I could hear was Sherman panting so I had to get up and get a fan to blow on his big fat body so I could sleep. Maybe someday I will get caught up or maybe someday I will just learn to not worry about the small things that I did not get done...

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