Here is Addi and her BFF. I think she looks so big in her jeans and little shoes! I think she is for sure a toddler not a baby anymore. She is 20 months old now and weighs 25 pounds!

Well I got over my blah feeling and have had a great weekend so far. Friday my friend Joni and her baby Blakely came to visit and Justin watched both girls while we went to do a little shopping. After they left I called my mom and she said she could watch Addi while we went and ate. It was so nice to just relax while we ate. We ate at PF Chang and it was so good. Addi and my mom had a good time too!
I decided to take a break this weekend and do somethings that I wanted to do. I fixed Addi's pumpkin and I also made her a Halloween dress again this year. I am going to have something embroidered on it but not sure what yet. Justin is at work today so we went to watch some of the game with Janie and Brian. We took Addi to Chick-fil-a after the game and there was an older man sitting across from us (like my grandparents age) he was wearing a cowboy hat like Addi's Pa-pa does sometimes. The whole time we were there she kept saying hi Pa-pa! Hi Pa-pa. It was so funny!!!

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