The rest of our Memorial Day Weekend

I dipped pretzels in almond bark then put sprinkles on them...yummy!!!
On Saturday night, all three of us went to night golf. Addi did great just rode in the cart and ran around. Justin may have a new golf buddy...

Sunday morning we went to the zoo. We went early but it was already sooo hot!!! We just stayed a little while mostly I think Addi just liked waking around and not having to be in her stroller. They have a new childrens area that it really nice for the smaller kids.

This is my favorite picture of the whole weekend aren't they so cute!!!!!

Sunday evening Janie and Brian and my Mom came over to cook out. We had a good time hanging out together. I did not get any pictures but glad they came over. On Monday, I cleaned my house and worked out...I love to start the week with a clean house. Then my mom came over and Justin and I went on a date. It is so nice to get away for a couple of hours. We had sushi...yummy...then went to the movies we saw MaGruber...hehe. Now it's back to work tomorrow but only for three days!!!!!!!!!!

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