I love plants and flowers. Justin and I have been slowly but surely getting our house ready for summer. Last year we were kind of slackers so I think our house looks so much better.

Before I had Addi when Justin had to work sometimes I would stay home all day and read or clean or I really can't remember what else NOW I try to find things for us to do it makes us have a better day if we have something to do. So today we went to the Dollar store and got a sprinkler and an ice cream. Addi was not so excited about the sprinkler. She eventually let me carry her through the water. She loved the ice cream!! In the last picture she is trying out a cupcake yummy!!!

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ladymann said...

That is the funniest picture! She is so cute! I love your yard!! Its looking cute! I am still trying to find a rusty old wheel barrow and STILL haven't!