Mothers Day and a panic attack (kinda)

I hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day. I am so blessed to have Addi. I just never imagined how much I could love her. I had a great day. Justin was home so we spent the morning together and then my family came over for supper. Justin was so sweet to me. He sent me flowers but they never came (he even showed me his receipt haha). Justin has sent me flowers 3 times since we have been here and every single time they have not came until after the day. He also bought me a necklace that has not arrived either so I'll show you when I get it. I am so blessed to have Addi and Justin! Addi has been teething for about two weeks now poor girl is getting 6 teeth in. I hope Dorothy and my Mom had a great day we love you both!
Now about the panic attack. Yesterday we had tornadoes. I have never been afraid of storms and I even kinda like a thunderstorm. I was on my way home and so Janie said she and Addi would wait for me to go to her in-laws basement. I did not make it in time to go so the neighbors said we could come to their storm shelter in the garage. Thanks that is nice. So there were 5 adults and two babies in this little room. It was so freakin tiny!! He shut the top and I really started sweating and thought I was going to throw up and could not breath no one else was having a problem. My neighbor gave me a cold sprite bottle to put on my neck. It was bad I think we were in there about 45 minutes. It is about the size of my pantry but not very deep I couldn't stand up all the way. SCARY. Justin was (surprise) at work. We survived but there was damage all around us and some people were killed.

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