I love the weekends...but why do lunch hours and weekends go by so fast? My pictures are all out of order but here is the table Tommy made for Addi. Isn't it so cute I love it Thanks again guys! Last night, my mom, Addi and I went to my Aunt Berta's house for dinner. My moms other sister Becky was in town with her two grand kids. We had spaghetti tacos...don't ask and believe me you will not want the recipe haha. So Addi go to play with Dylan Levi and Kaylee (all are my cousins kids). I like taking Addi to be around other kids since most of the time she is around adults and dogs all day. Dylan LOVED her he is 11 he was so sweet to her and played with her all night she even had to tell him no no a couple of times so she could walk! Today we went to Coopers Birthday party he turned 4 and Addi got to play with some more kids that were closer to her age. She was good. I just managed to get a pic of her for some reason. Hope you had a great weekend...guess it is back to work tomorrow (dr will be gone Mon and Tues) yippee!!

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