The Easter Bunny and a Movie

This weekend was pretty relaxing. J had to work on Friday so Addi and I just hung out. On Saturday, we made a trip to see the Easter Bunny. I thought Addi would freak out but she just looked at him for awhile then decided he was ok and even posed for a few pics. The more I think about the Easter bunny and Santa they are maybe a little creepy and not sure why we make our kids sit in their lap but anyways...
I love the picture of Addi up top. It is so hard to get a picture of her looking at me AND smiling...what a cutie
Now about that movie...first this week at work dr g has been sick for 2 days. I can still see patients but some cancel. So today I had some patients then I cleaned...really cleaned and worked through my lunch hour so that I could leave a little early and I decided to go to the movies. I went to see Remember Me it was pretty good but not really what I was thinking it would be like. The ending was a total surprise. But the biggest thing was I went by MYSELF I have never been to the movies or out to eat by myself. I also had the whole theater to MYSELF. Who knew going to the movies by yourself could be so nice and relaxing. I really enjoyed!

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