14 months and some other stuff

As of Friday, Addi is 14 months old. This is her picture last March crying and the only good one I got this March was one crying so here you go...We had a good weekend. Friday was so beautiful 70 degrees and we didn't even care it was windy. We played and played outside. Addi loves to ride in her car! We also went to the park she like the swing and the slide. Well since Addi is 14 months here is what she is up to...she weighs almost 21 lbs. She has four teeth (remember when I thought she was teething so EARLY haha) she runs everywhere haven't seen her crawl in some time now she really likes to eat almost anything she is not a picky eater but you so spit out the meatballs in your spaghettios...nasty little meat balls...your hair is getting so long we are hoping for some pigtails this summer. You say lots of things new words are banana except it is nana you say JJ which is Janie. You are getting so big!!

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