Addi is 11 months

I haven't put a picture of Sherman and Zoey lately so here they in their favorite spot.
How cute is Addi? I think she looks so cute in her coat and she can now walk if you hold one of her hands. She doesn't do it every time and only when she feels like it. She is so big!!

Yep Addi loves the Guymon Tigers!

Well on Saturday, Addi was 11 months old. I say it every month but I can not believe how fast it is going! She weighs 19 lbs and still has two teeth. She is trying to walk she has taken about 3 steps in a row but then remembers how much faster she can crawl. She is more interested in food...especially what we are eating she has had mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and seems to like everything. Wonder if she will be walking at Christmas???

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