Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. We ended up with 14 inches of snow! I couldn't believe it. Justin finally made it home at about 9:15 which means it took him over 2 hours to get home it usually takes him around 30 but he made it safe and he picked my mom up on the way. We opened gifts when he got home and we got so many nice things!! Addi got so much that she did not end up opening all of it on Christmas Day. On thing Addi did get for Christmas was a big fat lip she fell and bumped her mouth and her bottom teeth cut her top lip you can see in picture above poor girl! After Justin shoveled the driveway we just hung out and waited for Janie and Brian to come over. Amy did not get to come because she had to work. When Janie and Brian came we opened gifts all over again. Justin smoked a ham and it turned out so good. We had a great Christmas and we have so much to be thankful for I hope very one had a Merry Christmas!

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