The weekend is almost over :(

Just a pic of my two favorite people...aren't they cutie pies!

So the rest of the weekend...Justin was scheduled to work on Friday and Sunday but he volunteered to work over time on Saturday...meaning he went to work at 7 a.m. on Friday morning and he will not be home until Monday morning at around 7:30. So Addi and I had to find somethings to occupy our minds. Yesterday was really hard. Addi is getting her teeth and she was so fussy. It is so hard on days like this and it is really frustrating to me. I sometimes wish that when I came home from work I could find Justin on the verge of tears and listen to him say how frustrated he is..hehe.. but today was MUCH better. We got up at 6:45 not my favorite time to get up on the weekend but anyways we went to see Justin at the station and then came home so Addi could take a nap then went to the mall and toys r us with my mom. It is so nice to get out and have someone hold your baby when you try on clothes. I got a lot of shopping done and Justin and I are going next weekend to go shopping for Addi...how fun will that be??!!! Just wondering if this happens to only me when I have extra money or when I am looking for something to wear to an upcoming event I FIND NOTHING suppose to be shopping for other people or no money I FIND EVERYTHING!! Hope everyone had great weekend.

Just a quick update on the photographer with big thong...Addi and I went back to store yesterday and she was in the front to store giving out coupons and she says oh you guys are back today are you going to smile today to my delight Addi just gave her a blank stare hehe. Ok I'm done being irritated with her.

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