Dreamin' of a White Christmas

This morning when we woke up it was sleeting and it did this until about mid morning then it started snowing and snowing and snowing! This is a couple of hours after it started. The wind is really blowing so we have drifts in the backyard that are at least half way up the fence. So needless to say Addi and I spent Christmas Eve at home together with the dogs. Justin is working today and last I talked to him he had not been to the station in about 5 hours! He said the roads are really bad. Most of the calls that they go on...maybe 85 %...are sick calls people can't breath people fall in the floor you get the idea on a normal call EMSA our ambulance service also responds to these calls but the fireman have to go because they can get there so much faster anyways if you call for a "sick call" now EMSA will not respond and if it is a call that EMSA will respond to the wait is at about 1 1/2 hours...yikes. So I guess Justin will have a long night. I hope he gets to come home in the morning. If someone can not make it to the station they have to stay...I hope he is here for Christmas!!!

Addi sitting by the stockings she is looking at the bow that she just pulled out of her hair.
Addi is very interested in the snow she went to look out the doors several times today. The dogs are not so fascinated by the snow I have to pick them up and set them outside ha

So we have had a good Christmas Eve just hanging out! I got my house cleaned and ready to go and I even put Addi's Christmas present together! Now time to relax and watch Christmas Story...one of my favorites hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and has a great Christmas tomorrow! Please pray that Justin has a safe night. Merry Christmas

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