This is the dress we made for Addi. This is what little miss Addi has been up to...She is 10 months old now (11 next week). She can say mama dada and hi. She still just has her bottom two teeth but I can feel the top two cutting thru. She took two steps about 2 weeks ago. She had her Christmas pictures taken today. She is wonderful so much fun and now she is taking a nice long nap!!!
Oh by the way is pictures stressful to anyone else??? They did not go well and I apparently got the girl who has never worked with a baby before and I was so sick of seeing her thong by the end of the session that I just wanted to give her a giant wedgie!!!

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gjones said...

So glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving!I bet her pictures are going to turn out great. Her dress is too cute- Look at you crafty momma!:) Miss you and hopefully we can find a time to catch up soon!!