Friday, Saturday, Sunday...best days of the week

Friday...Shopping! Friday I had a good day going on a shopping spree. Justin stayed home and watched Addi while Janie and I went shopping. I save my money when we get something extra at work or my birthday money until I get $500 then I go shopping for new clothes and do not feel guilty because I have been saving it usually for about 6 months. I had a good time and got a lot of new clothes! My favorite thing and biggest splurge was the shoes. I can't wait for Justin to take me on a date so I can wear them. Oh and the answer is no I can not walk in them! Justin and Addi met us for lunch then Janie and I had manicures before we headed home. That night Justin, Addi, me Janie and Brian went to thunder valley to watch cars drag racing it was fun but I was exhausted and ready for bed!

Saturday...Justin had a run in Stillwater. We had to be there before 7:30 so they could get registered and while Justin and Casey ran (it was a trail run a little over 16 miles) Jennifer and I went shopping they had some really cute stores that I liked. Addi did not have do much fun it was hard getting her in and out of the car. Justin said the race was much harder than they thought it was more hilly and rocky than he would have liked and it has been so WINDY! He is getting ready for his second marathon in a couple of weeks. I'm so proud of him! Can not imagine running 26 miles!! When they finished we all met at Eskimo Joe's for lunch and the cheese fries were very good. We came home and took a nap it was a long day getting up at 5:00 (earliest ever for a Saturday!)

Sunday...Justin is back to work today so I have been relaxing and reading and got my house cleaned!

Addi has really started "talking" she just smiles and tries so hard to talk to you. She has a play mat in the floor that she figured out that if you hit them they make noises. She is so much fun she is sleeping longer at night (not all night!) and is up and happy more during the day. I can't remember what I did before I had her!

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