A Wonderful Lunch and Wonderful Husband

Today Justin stayed home because Janie couldn't babysit. It was absolutely beautiful today warm-almost hot-and the best part no wind! Justin called me before lunch and said to meet him at the park by our house for lunch. Justin and Addi were waiting for me on a blanket with a picnic lunch. We ate our sandwiches and enjoyed a beautiful day! This was Addi's first visit to the park. She just loves to be outside. After we ate, we had time for a walk and then had a few minutes to run home. It was so sweet of him...sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Also today...Addi rolled over from her back to front she has been going from stomach to belly for several weeks now but today she finally figured out both ways!
Justin's volleyball team is no longer undefeated :(
Janie's father-in-laws surgery went well and is doing good!
We have termites...I am so grossed out and so pissed! It will cost about $1000 yes $1000 to treat...unless someone on the fire department does termite treatment GRRRRRRR

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