4 Hours 55 Minutes

Today Justin finished his 2nd marathon. He ran in the OKC memorial marathon. It started at 6:30 this morning, it was suppose to rain all day but so far it has not rained but it is SO WINDY outside. He ran most of the way with Casey (who ran with him last time) and then at about mile 16 his friend Rusty met up with him and ran the rest of the way in. He said he had pretty bad cramps from mile 16 on which is the about the same as last time. Jennifer, Cooper, Addi and me all waited at the finish line. Cooper and Addi did well but after we all ate I think everyone was ready to go home. I am so proud of Justin. He finished at about 4 hours and 55 minutes which is about 45 minutes better than last time.
I have been running several times a week since my six week check up after Addi was born. Next year I think I would like to try to do a relay or the fun run (which is 3 miles I think) but I don't think I ever want to do the whole thing. Good Job Justin I'm proud of you!

One other thing...I think Addi is getting a tooth, I know it is early she will be 16 weeks tomorrow but she drools all over the place and constantly chews on her fist. I can kind of see a little white bump on her gums so we will see!


The Johnsons said...

Yeah Justin! Great job! Addi is looking a little like Justin to me...

gjones said...

Good job Justin! He rocks! I can not believe she is already working on her first tooth! WOW!