Relaxing Weekend

The weekends always go so fast! This weekend Justin had to work on Friday and Sunday and this is my least favorite shift he has. I do not mind when he works one of the three days that I am off it gives me time to myself, time to clean and just be lazy but when he works two of the three it can get pretty boring! We did not do alot this weekend it was suppose to snow about 6 inches this weekend and on Saturday it did snow but there wasn't any accumulation. Tomorrow Addison is going to be 12 weeks old. I can't believe how big she is getting! She smiles all the time when you talk to her and she tries really hard to laugh she is so much fun! Today Jace (Justins brothers little boy) is 5! Justin and I had not been dating very long when Jace was born I can't believe he is 5. Hope you had a great birthday Jace. Dorothys birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dorothy!


gjones said...

I am so glad everything is going good! She is so adorable and love reading your proud momma stories! Love you my friend and am so happy for you guys!! We miss you very much and hope to get together soon!

ladymann said...

Aww thank you!! He had SO much fun at his party- I wish you guys could have been here to watch it!
I can't believe she is 12 weeks!! Doesn't time go so fast!