Justin Mann...aka Mr. Mom

This past week Justin's 4 day was Mon-Thurs. Normally he works at his other job (he fixes safety equipment for oil rig workers but since they are shutting so many wells down he has been really slow) but he stayed at home all week with Addison. He does so good when he stays at home and it makes my evenings very relaxing. Since we had company for a week the laundry and house has been neglected. On Monday he did all the laundry including putting it away and also washed all of Addison's 3 month clothes and when I came home for lunch he had lunch ready and on the table. Tuesday he cleaned the house (which is going to make my weekend very nice) and again he had lunch ready! Wednesday him and Addi came and took me to lunch. It is so nice to have him home and in the evenings we had time to spend with each other instead of doing all the other stuff we have to do. Thanks JR your such a good husband...I think Justin may be better at staying home than me when I stay home suddenly it is 1:00 and I have just finished showering and getting ready for the day. :)

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The Johnsons said...

I am impressed! Ask him if he could teach his friend a few things?!? (I won't mention any names...)