Family Time

This past week my mom and Dorothy (Justins mom) were both on spring break so we have got to spend time with our family. Dorothy and Kenny came down last Saturday to spend some time with us. It was really nice Justin was on his 4 days off when they came (which NEVER happens) so mostly we just hung out at the house. Justin and I did get to go out together for dinner for our friends birthday. It was nice to spend time with adults and not have to worry about feeding anyone but myself haha. My mom came on Wednesday and we went out to eat with Amy and Eric (my older sister and her husband). Last night we just hung out at home and while Justin went to play volleyball. Today my mom, Janie (my little sister) me and Addi went to Norman to the mall. We had a really good time just walking around looking. Tomorrow Justin will be home and I think we are going to cook out and have everyone over so we can all be together. I will put some pics up later this weekend. It has been nice having everyone and nice to have all the help with Addison but I really do miss Justin it seems like I have not seen him in forever!!! He came and got me for lunch on Thursday for a "date" it was very nice to be just the two of us again for an hour!

Addison wore jeans today for the first time she looked SO CUTE (I'll put pics of this up too)

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