Addison is such a little girl now no more toddler.  She can be so funny and talks all the time.  She has an imaginary friend named Kaylee and when she gets into trouble she has been telling us that it was Kaylee that did it. 
One night when she was suppose to be in bed Justin walked by her room and she was standing in her door way with just her shirt on.  Justin asked what she was doing and she said she had to use the bathroom so he told her to go use the bathroom.  Addison said I already did dad he said where and she said in my room.  He asked her to show him and she pointed to her potty chair and lifted the lid and it was full of pee!  Her potty chair is also a step stool and she never liked using the potty chair so it has always been in her room.  I guess she figured she didn't need to go athall the way to the bathroom when she could just pee in the potty.  She is at a fun/trying age. 

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