A couple of weekends ago we went to visit Justins family and some friends. I took my camera but forgot the memory card so these pictures are it. Justins brother is a football coach so Addi had fun going to the pep rally then got to go to lunch with Jace and Judson at Jaces school. Our friends also live in the same town and have two little girls. Addi LOVED playing with all their things. When we are at home Addi pretty much is in the same room as we are and wants us to play. When we travel and there are other kids it seems like we hardly see her. I love to watch her play with other kids. The travel part went pretty good but it took me a week to recover. I was so tired staying up late in another place and getting up with a baby! Justin and I should have traveled more BEFORE we had kids but it was worth it :)

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