Back To Work

Monday was my first day back to work after being off for 4 and a half months. I started a new job and so far it has gone good. We are so busy the day goes by really fast. I had been at my office for three years and was nervous about working somewhere else. My last job was comfortable to me I knew what to expect (which wasn't much) and knew what the doctor would want to do before he told me. This office has really nice equipment and 7 other girls to work with. I think this will be a good change. I work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. perfect schedule!!! Justin is home this week when I work so he is getting to spend time with Easton and Addi. He told me he was ready to go back to work to have a break! I really missed these cute little people!

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Elisa Scammahorn said...

Easton is getting so big and so cute! Love them! Your decorations are awesome! You need to help me in that area!