Happy Birthday JR

Happy Birthday Justin! Today is Justin's birthday and he had to work...so we packed up and went to lunch with Justin. Addi loves to go to the fire station. Easton got to go for the first time and he was so excited too (not really but he did fine). We had to go to the store before we went to pick up Justin's cookie cake to take to him. It was the first time I have taken both of them and have had to get out of the car. I wish every store had a drive thru. Happy Birthday Justin we love you!!

I guess even princesses have off days!
Justin said on Saturday a little girl had a lemonade stand and she and her mom brought the $ to the station because she wanted the firefighters to take it and buy their meal with it. They told her to keep the $ for herself. She was back today with pizza, cake and lemonade. I thought that was so sweet!

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