Random Things

--we had two interviews with potential babysitters this week and it really stressed me out I am just so glad that we will only need someone a couple of times a week at the most
--the transition from one to two babies was easier for me than from none to one I feel like it just came easier this time
--I wish Justin and I would have made more use of our time before we had kids
--I wish we would have went to the movies more, drank more, and worked out more (the last one is me not Justin)
--Being a dental hygienist is not my dream job...I know it really is surprising that cleaning nasty teeth is not my dream job but I would like to do photography or have a boutique store that had flowers home decor and maybe some baby stuff in a small town
--Justin is reading a book right now and this is the first time that I have EVER seen him read I read all the time but do not have a book now. I never knew how ANNOYING it is when someone is reading and you are just sitting there
--everyone thinks I hate football...not true I just do not like to watch it ALL DAY LONG every weekend and now it seems ever weekday
--I read that breastfeeding burns around 650 calories a day I had two cupcakes today and a couple of hours later I had to have peanut butter crackers I felt so shaky no self control
--I am trying to grow my hair out and it is really getting on my nerves. I did get it done today and it feels so much better and looks so much better my roots were out of control
--when Justin got his job he knew that unless something major happens that this is where he will retire from...I have never had a job that I could say I would be there this time next year. Justin loves his job and never dreads going that is kinda annoying sometimes
--my favorite job I ever had was working at the grocery store doing the books I liked organizing all the cash drawers putting things in order and just doing book work
--when Justin is at work I watch keeping up with the kardashians even if its one i have seen a thousand times

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