Labor Day Weekend

After being off for 2 weeks, Justin had to go back to work on Tuesday so we made the best of our weekend. Friday Addi and Justin went swimming and Easton and I watched then went to lunch together.
Saturday...Justin and Easton stayed home to watch some football while I had a lunch date with Addi we went to Chick-fil-a of course ate and played. Easton has 3 Texas outfits he peed on all three of them on Saturday...maybe he is not to into Texas ( or maybe Mom is still figuring out diapers for boys???)
Went to a birthday party on Sunday and then some of my family came to meet Easton. We had a good time but I didn't take and pictures :(

Easton can finally take a bath in the tub and this face pretty much tells how he felt about that.
We also went to the zoo on Monday with my mom and again no pictures.
Easton had an appointment last Wednesday dr said he looks great. He weighed 8.12 this time and was 22 inches long he is such a big boy. We also had newborn pictures taken so cant wait for those.

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