Justin has been at work since early Saturday afternoon and will be home sometime tomorrow. As you know it has been SOOO hot and they have had a lot of fires. He has not been home at all during this time. I am so ready for him to come home. Please pray for all the firefighters. It is almost 110 degrees here and their gear weighs around 80 pounds I get hot just thinking about it.
I love Addi but being at home just the two of us for almost 3 days has been a little challenging. I am going to be extra nice to Justin when he comes home because I do not ever want to be a single parent!! The heat and me being 38 weeks pregnant really narrows down what we do. I know that not every day has to be a super fun day and some days in life are pretty boring but we go crazy if we stay at home all day!
I am enjoying my time off and enjoying Addi but I do miss somethings about work of course I miss my paycheck but I also miss my lunch breaks...they were all MINE usually I went alone and would shop, run errands or probably the best lunch break read while I drank my diet coke. Also I never ever had co-workers follow me into the bathroom each time I had to go. Would love to be all alone for a 5 minutes!

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